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RTL Stage 2: Breakdown to Breakthrough
August 17-18, 2022

Stage 2 workshops are for alumni of any Radical Transformational Leadership
program to further learning and practice of RTL tools. Please
contact us if you have questions about the programs, or require consideration for a partial scholarship. 

Stage 2: Breakdown to Breakthrough

  • August 17th 9-3pm

  • August 18th 9-12pm

Registration Deadline: August 10th

Tution: $250

Learn about the Ama Delevett Caring for Kids Scholarship


This 1.5 day workshop with Dr. Monica Sharma and the Impact Launch team will integrate core Radical Transformational Leadership practices and distinctions with new tools and processes to transform problems, stuck points and other challenges in our project to a breakdown ripe for a breakthrough!  The Breakdown to Breakthrough tool has led to not only transforming stuck points, but entirely new outcomes and impact that leaders didn't see was possible before.  Several game changings projects were born out of the last step in the process, and countless projects have been "unstuck" to go on and produce transformational results.  We are excited to share the tool and the space with each of you as we look at what is possible for our projects.  


Join us to take your work to the next level, with the space and time to design and plan with the support of senior practitioners and peers. ​