Our Team

Senior Practitioners

Megan Joseph

Founding Senior Practitioner

Megan Joseph, MA is the founding director of Impact Launch (www.impactlaunch.org), a collective of social impact professionals that support individuals, teams and collaboratives to work effectively for equitable and sustainable outcomes in policy, systems and community change. Megan has worked hands on for two decades with social impact organizations and multi-sector collaboratives to design and facilitate leadership development, organizational capacity building and project design.  


Most recently as Executive Director of Rise Together, a multi-county initiative to cut poverty in the Bay Area, Megan implemented a 250-member coalition for policy and systems change, addressing issues of employment, affordable housing and early childhood education for critical populations. As Director of Community Organizing for the United Way of Santa Cruz County she founded and supported multiple sustained initiatives, including the Santa Cruz County Youth Violence Prevention Task Force and the Community Corrections Partnership Community Engagement Task Force. Megan was recognized with the 2015 National Community Indicators Consortium Emerging Leader award for her work using community indicators as a catalyst for change to reduce youth violence.


Megan has practiced Radical Transformational Leadership for a decade with Monica Sharma, and over the last 10 years launched two leadership programs, Leadership for Community Transformation Santa Cruz County and Leadership for Equity & Opportunity Bay Area which together has trained over 1,000 leaders to design and implement equitable and sustainable social change projects.  She has also served as faculty at JFK University.  Megan earned an MA in Consciousness Studies from JFK University and an MA in Criminology, Law and Society from UC Irvine.


Shebreh Kalantari Johnson

Founding Senior Practitioner

Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson currently provides professional grant writing, organizational development/strategic planning, facilitation, and program management services to agencies working in the areas of public health, education and social services. Her work over the last two decades has brought multi-sector partnerships together to address complex social justice issues such as substance use, mental health, homelessness, youth development, immigration and more. Shebreh’s work has generated increased investment and funding in the community, innovative projects, and health focused local policies. Shebreh has secured over $30 millions in grant funding over the last 15 years for Santa Cruz to address a range of issues such as immigration rights, mental health and substance use, juvenile justice reform and youth homelessness. 


Shebreh has been practicing the Conscious Full Spectrum Response framework since 2013. She has also supported the training of hundreds of other leaders through the Leadership for Community Transformation Central Coast and Leadership for Equity and Opportunity Bay Area.  Shebreh currently serves in leadership roles including as a commissioner for the Central California Alliance for Health Board, Board member for the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District, Board member for the Community Health Trust of Pajaro Valley, and Dignity Health Community Advisory Board’s Community Giving Body. Shebreh was elected to the Santa Cruz City Council in November 2020.


Shebreh received her B.A. in Psychology and French/Francophonie Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) and a Masters in Social Work from San Jose State University. She is a mother of two boys, is married and lives in Santa Cruz California. Shebreh is a native of Iran and has lived in Santa Cruz, CA for over 20 years. She strives for equity and compassion in her work and in her every day.

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Robyn McKeen

Senior Practitioner

Robyn McKeen has worked for over a decade managing social service programs, multi-sector coalitions, and systems change initiatives along the West Coast, including the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle area. She currently supports the expansion of integrated behavioral health and social emotional learning within the Santa Cruz County education system. Robyn has held leadership positions in the areas of homelessness, information and resources, and children and youth development. As the Coordinated Entry Director, she led the strategic planning and implementation process of Santa Cruz County’s homeless coordinated entry system to redesign the assessment and referral process countywide. 

Robyn is a Senior Practitioner with Impact Launch. She has practiced the Radical Transformational Leadership framework since 2013, designing and implementing multiple initiatives for equitable and sustainable social change. As a practitioner coach, she has supported the training of hundreds of leaders through the Leadership for Community Transformation Santa Cruz County and Leadership for Equity and Opportunity Bay Area. Robyn earned her BA in Cultural Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is committed to fostering compassion and dignity through all aspects of her work and life. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her partner, daughter, and a whole lot of aquatic creatures. 

Dr. Monica Sharma

Founder of Radical Transformational Leadership, Advisor

Monica Sharma, trained as a physician and epidemiologist, worked for the United Nations more than twenty years. Currently, she engages worldwide as an international expert and practitioner on leadership development for sustainable and equitable change. She works with United Nations, universities, management institutions, governments, businesses, media, and civil society organizations. She is the Tata Chair Professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai. She has published and presented over 250 articles in journals and international forums. Monica Sharma created and uses a unique response model based on extensive application—a conscious full-spectrum model—which is for simultaneously solving problems, shifting systems, and creating new patterns sourced from individual inner capacity and transformational leadership. This model has generated sustainable results worldwide.  Monica is the author of Radical Transformational Leadership.


Danita Taylor


Danita Taylor has worked in the public sector of her community for over two decades. Her commitment to addressing inequities and changing systems began as an advocate in early education. She has broadened her reach in the community to address other social justice issues as the Community Outreach Lead for Solano HEALs, as a founder of the Solano County Equity Collaborative, a Commissioner on the Solano County Juvenile Justice Commission, and the founder and chair of the Solano County Employment and Eligibility Committee.  In these roles Danita addresses disparities in infant and maternal mortality, reviews creates and changes policies and practices in Health & Human Services, addresses youth and the justice system and a host of community lead initiatives.

Danita has facilitated health and racial equity trainings for hundreds of government employees, commissioners, community members law-enforcement and community based organizations. She utilizes tools from multiple practices including Radical Transformational Leadership , to inspires others to have courageous conversations to move into action.

Habiba Rotter


Habiba Rotter works with nonprofit and government organizations on a national level to transform social services systems for measurable outcomes. She uses facilitation, psychology of change, improvement science, and data solutions to drive an end to complex social problems such as homelessness. Most recently as an Improvement Advisor on Community Solutions’ Built For Zero team, she has coached two U.S. communities to end chronic and veteran homelessness respectively, as well as many others to significant reductions. Habiba has spoken at large national events such as the Built For Zero Learning Session and the Case Conferencing Summit. In her work as the Coordinated Entry Specialist at Housing Matters, Habiba has co-led the design and implementation of Santa Cruz County’s homeless coordinated entry system for assessments, referrals, and service coordination.


Habiba has practiced the Radical Transformational Leadership framework since 2018 and views this work as essential in designing systems that are based on true values. Her commitment is to embodying and promoting dignity, justice, and kindness for all. Habiba received her Bachelor’s degree in Law from Cairo University, and her Master’s degree in Psychology from California Southern University. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA and enjoys visual arts, travelling, and scuba diving.

Mireya Gomez-Contreras


Mireya is an intuitive collaborator and a skilled cultural interpreter, convener, and facilitator. Born in Watsonville, she has been deeply engaged in movement building to uplift her diverse community since she was young. Mireya was the Director of Employment Programs at Community Action Board Santa Cruz County, established and managed the first Day Worker Center on the Central Coast, and has served on the Watsonville Parks & Recreation and Planning Commissions.  As Deputy Director of the Santa Cruz County Arts Council, Mireya stands to uplift and equitably resource artists and arts organizations across our county.  She is a mom of two littles and loves to get her hands dirty in her vegetable garden.