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About Us

Transformative leadership
and project design for
equitable & sustainable change.

Impact Launch is a collective of social impact professionals committed to supporting individuals, teams and collaboratives to work more effectively for equitable and sustainable outcomes.  In addition to over a decade of hands on experience in our own initiatives, we each have trained extensively with Dr. Monica Sharma, author of Radical Transformational Leadership and former Director of Leadership and Capacity Development for the United Nations.  Her framework for creating equitable results has produced measurable outcomes across the globe.

We bring this unique experience and expertise to the field of leadership development and collaboration for organizational and community change on issues such as racial equity, economic opportunity, housing & homelessness, criminal justice, behavioral health and more.  

Together we help spark and sustain the next level of impact in individuals, organizations and communities through leadership development intensives, project design, the application of practical tools and ongoing support to breakthrough barriers.

Our Framework for Change
Each of our practitioners have been working on the ground in community initiatives for years and have trained extensively with Dr. Monica Sharma, former Director of Leadership and Capacity Development for the United Nations and author of Radical Transformational Leadership.  All of our practitioners have implemented Dr. Sharma's Conscious Full-Spectrum 
framework for sustainable and equitable change in multiple social impact initiatives leading to measurable results. Each tool and design principle we use has been tested and proven to create results in communities around the world. 
Our Services

Who is Impact Launch

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