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We offer an array of services tailored to meet the specific needs of values based leaders and organizations​ working on initiatives and projects for social impact. While we tailor each process to the unique needs, dynamics and goals of the organization we are working with, we always apply the following principles: 


Equity & Inclusion: We work with our clients to help ensure equity and inclusion are operationalized in every aspect of the planning and implementation process. Our  understanding of the complexities of DEI work allows us to identify and address systemic issues that may be contributing to inequities.


Alignment: As social impact professionals, we specialize in consulting with organizations to maximize their equity focused work and their alignment to their vision and mission. We believe that it is essential for organizations to ensure that their goals and objectives align with the needs and values of the communities they serve, and we work with our clients to achieve this goal. By helping organizations create a more equitable and inclusive culture, we aim to generate synergistic and community-driven power for positive social impact and change.


Results Driven: We work with our clients to identify goals and objectives that are equitable, inclusive, inspirational, tangible and measurable – from activity to program to outcome.

Our Core Services


Radical Transformational Leadership intensives for social impact leaders of all levels to build their capacity for implementing equitable and sustainable change, with over 900 program alumni to date.


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Consultation to help design or re-design initiatives and projects to solve problems, shift systems and activate inner capacity for change for equitable and sustainable results while moving beyond stuck points.


Dynamic organizational or multi-stakeholder planning processes that generate momentum, equity and aligned action to reach your organization or initiative's social impact goals.


Tailored support to build the capacity of your team, board or coalition to implement the practices, culture and capacity necessary to generate results.


Meetings and events are powerful spaces for generating inspiration + action for equitable and sustainable results if designed to go beyond the status quo.


Individual and team support to address specific challenges or goals and to integrate practices and tools to move equitable and sustainable results forward.

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