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Announcing the 
Ama Delevett Caring for Kids Scholarship

In honor of Ama Delevett, dear friend and skilled practitioner of Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL)

In honor of Ama Delevett, dear friend and skilled practitioner of Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL), Impact Launch offers the Caring for Kids Scholarship Program for emerging and established leaders working to end childhood sexual abuse and foster youth wellbeing. Our goal is to continue Ama’s powerful legacy by supporting leaders to learn and apply RTL tools and templates to decrease child abuse and increase child well-being in their communities. 


For each workshop or program Impact Launch offers, three full scholarships for individuals or up to three full scholarships for an established team, will be provided. Interested participants must complete the scholarship application at least three weeks prior to the workshop start date. Scholarships will be awarded on a first come first served basis to eligible applicants. 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate both of the following criteria:


1. Recipient is a staff member or long-term (12 months or more) board member, intern, or volunteer at an organization which works to end childhood sexual abuse


2. ​Recipient has a specific and concrete project focused on addressing childhood sexual abuse within which to apply the Radical Transformational Leadership framework and tools

About Ama

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 3.22.50 PM.png

Ama Delevett was an alum, practitioner, and dear friend of Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL) from 2014 to 2020, when she passed away from a quick and aggressive cancer. The sudden loss of this joyful soul has stunned our community, however Ama said it best: “I am at peace because I believe I will be bliss, joy, love and freedom in the next dimension. May I be right ;).”

We believe she was right. 

Ama served the Santa Cruz County community for more than a decade as the Survivors Healing Center Program Director and fierce advocate to end childhood sexual abuse. A beloved therapist, she held space for over 500 survivors to heal. As a longtime practitioner of the Radical Transformational Leadership framework, she applied tools and templates to shift societal conversations from ignoring child abuse to speaking truth to power. She also put in place strategies to foster well-being alongside healing past traumas, such as leading the annual Caring for Kids event. 

Ama stood courageously for love and joy and invited everyone who knew her to embrace their own authenticity and commitment to take action on what they deeply care about. The Caring for Kids Scholarship Program is one way we continue to honor Ama’s call for love and action.

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