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There’s a better way to create meaningful social change.

And it doesn’t have to include bureaucracy and burnout. Radical Transformational Leadership for Social Impact (RTL Impact) provides a road map for anyone looking to solve social problems, shift systems, and tap into your greatest potential.

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Have you ever thought to yourself...

I love my work, but I’m feeling burned out.

We’re all working hard, but I’m not sure if we’re seeing the right results.

We’re working in silos. Our efforts feel scattered and lack the unity to create real change.


How can we bring more equity to our work?

There is so much red tape. It takes forever to get anything done.

I can’t seem to get buy-in on an idea or program. I keep hitting roadblocks at every turn.

Radical Transformational Leadership for Social Impact

(RTL Impact) is a 4-month online, professional development program for change-makers at all levels. During our live monthly sessions, you’ll work on an individual project of your choice, connect with other social impact professionals, unlock your inner wisdom and discover practical proven tools to shift systems and create lasting change in your organization and community.

Ready to do things differently?

Then, you’re ready for RTL Impact.


RTL Impact is for anyone who is passionate
about social change, regardless of your experience or title.

Community organizers, administrative professionals, executive directors, philanthropists, local government teams, media, policymakers, volunteers and social impact practitioners have all benefited from our curriculum. 


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“RTL Impact gave me practical tools to perform my community work more effectively, sharpen my capacity to design programs for bigger impact, and allow me to see myself as part of a constellation of stars working for equity, opportunity and creativity.”

-Consuelo Alba, Watsonville Film Festival


RTL Impact will help you find your unique voice, clarify your purpose, and unleash your potential. 

A Framework that has been globally tested by United Nations leader, Dr. Monica Sharma. Dr. Sharma has more than 22 years experience testing these concepts with individuals and organizations across a spectrum of settings, cultures, and countries.

Values-based leadership to guide your decisions and find common ground with the people you work with.

Practical tools focused on creating more equity that will lead to lasting change.

How to measure what matters through project design tools that help ensure equity is a part of the results you see.

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Shared language that will help you find ways to talk about the kinds of systemic shifts you want to make while creating more equitable cultures inside and outside your organization.

Project-based learning will bring to life the theory and research behind RTL.

Actionable information that will transform your leadership approach, including facilitating meetings, fundraising, strategic planning and more.

Steps to scale your social transformation so we can act locally, and have an impact globally.


Flexible Pricing for Every Changemaker

Give yourself the time, space and opportunity to focus

on the craft and capacity of social change with

like-minded individuals ready to change  the world.


Student: $495

Individual (unaffiliated) & Non-Profit: $1095

Local Government, Small Business & Philanthropy: $1895

State & Federal Government: $2495

Looking for more payment options?

Ask us about our group rates (up to $100 off per registrant) or individual payment plans.

Limited partial and full scholarships will be available.  Please inquire.


Each month you’ll engage in learning sessions that cover values-based leadership principles, communication skills, partnership building, project design, and practical tools to help shift systems with a focus on equity and results.

January 26-28, 2022

Session 1: Being Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • Who are we as leaders for social impact? 

  • Grounding ourselves in our personal values and leading from universal values — even in the most polarized or challenging situations.

  • Listening and speaking to inspire others to act.

  • Addressing complaints and difficult conversations differently.

Day 1 - 9am-4pm PST

Day 2 - 9am - 4pm PST

Day 3 - 9am - 2pm PST

March 10-11, 2022

Session 2: Designing Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • How do we address the immediate problem and shift the systems and norms that give rise to that problem? 

  • Designing social impact projects to reflect universal values in both process and results.

  • Naming and acting on the shifts necessary to generate sustainable change

  • Systems and principles to consider while designing my project for impact and meaningful change.

Day 1 - 9am - 4pm PST

Day 2 - 9am - 2pm PST

April 21-22, 2022

Session 3: Implementing Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • Operational strategies to ensure our projects are producing results.

  • Activating our own and others' commitment-in-action and integrity to generate results.

  • Ensuring our actions are explicitly tied to our results, and reflect equity, dignity and compassion.

  • Distinguishing our impact, outcomes, outputs, inputs, and transformational shifts to plan and operationalize our projects.

Day 1 - 9am - 4pm PST

Day 2 - 9am - 2pm PST

May 19-20, 2022

Session 4: Leading Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • Responding to difficult situations from our courageous heart rather than with an emotional reaction.

  • Addressing overwhelm and overload.

  • Aligning our projects for synergy rather than scatter.

  • Developing synergistic partnerships for results

Day 1 - 9am - 4pm PST

Day 2 - 9am - 2pm PST

Choose an Optional Focus Area

You’ll have the option in your application to select a focus area to learn alongside colleagues focused on the same issues. You’ll share and connect with each other to advance results in your field or geographic location. Click on a link below to learn more about that focus area.

Geographic Focus Areas:


Central Coast, CA (Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito)​

Contra Costa County, CA

Marin County, CA

Sonoma County, CA

Nationwide Scope

You’ll also walk away with...

  • A certificate of completion to demonstrate your training in transformational leadership

  • Access to a national network of 1,000+ alumni

  • Invitations to free quarterly alumni meetings

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities

  • A core group of colleagues to learn and grow with


Gain first-hand knowledge from team members who have worked locally and globally to advance social justice.

RTL Founder & Facilitator

Monica Sharma.jpg

Dr. Monica Sharma

Former Director of Leadership & Capacity Development for the United Nations

Founder and facilitator of Radical Transformational Leadership programs globally

Support Team

Megan Joseph.jpg

Impact Launch Founder, 

Senior Practitioner of RTL 


Impact Launch Founder, 

Senior Practitioner of RTL

Robyn McKeen cropped.jpg

Impact Launch Founder, 

Senior Practitioner of RTL 

Headshot MM.jpg

RTL Impact Program Consultant


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be in a formal position of leadership to apply or benefit from the program?

No, this is a program for anyone looking to solve social problems, shift systems, and tap into your inner wisdom and capacity for creating change. We mean it! Community organizers, administrative professionals, executive directors, local government teams, policymakers, teachers, parents, volunteers and social impact practitioners have all benefited from our radical transformational curriculum.

I am in an upper management leadership position and have taken part in several leadership and management programs. What makes this program unique? What will I learn?

RTL Impact is about generating results. You will identify the places where your projects are stuck and apply strategic tools and templates to take them to the next level. Each of the tested tools and templates provided is designed for you to source your full potential, shift systems and norms and move teams into action. There are thousands of high quality management programs where you can learn supervisory skills, facilitation techniques, and other useful tactics. RTL Impact assumes you have or will gain these skills elsewhere. Our program works to bring to life the phrase “be the change you wish to see”, focusing on values-based leadership that allows you to bring your full, authentic self to the work you do every day with courage and joy, while strategically and skillfully addressing conflict, challenges or polarizing dynamics that get in the way. You will become not just a skilled manager, but a strategic leader who can design projects for sustainable and equitable change.

I’m interested in attending, but a total of nine days away from my day job just doesn’t seem feasible.

We hear you. Life is so full and work has never felt more overloaded. Fortunately, what we have found through studies and experience, is that the tools and templates provided through RTL Impact actually SAVE time. We spend less time rehashing the same old agenda items, and more time taking strategic action. We spend less time circling in self-doubt or anger, and more time speaking out courageously. The RTL framework cuts through the status quo and the human emotional drama, straight to the heart of what matters to us and what we plan to do about it. In addition, we like to ask ourselves a couple questions. Would I run a marathon without training? Would I perform a dance or symphony or share a speech without practicing? So why do I assume that I can create the big, urgent social change our communities need without learning and practicing the tools to make it happen? We encourage you to give yourself the gift of eight days of presence and growth, and your project concentrated time for strategic design. Our world needs more trained and committed changemakers like you.

The application asks about my project. What do you mean by project?

RTL Impact is a learning-in-action program. You will learn, practice, reflect, and practice some more. All within the context of a real-life project. We encourage you to select a project you are already working on, such as one aspect of your day job. This program isn’t about doing different things, it is about doing the same things differently. Start where you are. Or dream up something new, something you’ve been longing to move from an idea into action. The key is it should be something that you care deeply about and that you will make the time to work on during and in between program sessions. And to share a tip- you will redesign your project during the program as you learn new tools and templates, so there’s no need to get too hung up or attached at the application stage. Feel free to reach out to us if you want help identifying a project!

What results has this program generated?

Over 1,000 participants have completed this program in the United States, and thousands more globally. Alumni have gone on to: ● Take on leadership roles as elected officials ● Generate millions of dollars in new resources for solving complex social issues ● Shift local funding allocations to generate equitable results ● Develop public policy for social justice issues such as homelessness, criminal justice reform, and youth prevention. ● Increase in number of youth and individuals experiencing chronic homelessness housed ● Start their own game changing organizations, such as Jacob at Digital Nest, Nancy at Regeneración, Shanie at Yoga for All Movement and many more ● Create new partnerships with unlikely allies in their community ● Change wage structures and career pathways within organizations to increase equity ● Redesign youth program tuition structures for more equitable access ● Co-create programs and policy with the authentic inclusion of those most impacted by the issues ● Much, much more! Learn even more by reading our Marin County Case Studies.

What is “Radical Transformational Leadership”?

Radical Transformational Leadership is a globally tested framework developed by Dr. Monica Sharma, former Director of Leadership for Capacity Development for the United Nations. The programs Radical Transformational Leadership for Social Impact (RTL Impact), Leadership for Equity and Opportunity and Leadership for Community Transformation are the same program and are advised and often delivered by Dr. Sharma Monica. Dr. Sharma has documented the framework as well as numerous global examples of its application in her book, Radical Transformational Leadership. The framework provides numerous tools and templates to source our inner capacities and wisdom to manifest change that embodies universal values of dignity, compassion and fairness, and simultaneously transform unworkable systems and norms in order to solve problems. We use the word “radical” in its original meaning: “root”. The Oxford English Dictionary defines radical as “relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something.” We use the word “transformational” to apply to both personal and societal transformation. By “Radical Transformational Leadership”, we mean that we take principled action (leadership) to address core issues to shift or dismantle unworkable systems and create alternatives to what is giving rise to a problem through both personal and societal transformation.

Break through barriers with RTL Impact, 

thoughtfully crafted for over two decades for and by social change leaders.

RTL Impact will help you take your impact to the next level. The best part? You can experience equitable results as an individual or alongside your team. The more individuals from your organizations, the better. So, if you’re tired of hitting roadblocks and are ready to step into your power and potential as a leader, apply today. 

If you still have questions, we'd love to hear from you!