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 Marin Alumni-in-Action Program
A stipend program to support alumni project implementation

This program is supported by a grant from the Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation

​Marin LEO alumni often generate innovative initiatives and projects within the program that are deeply rooted in equity and seek to address key issues in Marin in new and important ways.  Alumni often incorporate these projects into, or on top of, their daily work and don't have the resources to take them to the next level of implementation.
The Marin Alumni-in-Action Stipend Program is designed to provide additional support and focus to increase leadership capacity, project implementation and tangible results exponentially. 

Those projects selected for a stipend award will also receive tailored technical assistance and coaching sessions and the opportunity to move deeply into project design and implementation with their program cohort.  

We look forward to learning more about your project!

Key Dates: 

Applications Accepted: February 13 - March 24, 2023
Information Session: March 8th 12-1pm (register above)
Applications Due: March 24th by 5pm PST
Stipends Announced: April 28th


Who is Eligible:  

All Marin based change makers who have completed Marin LEO will be eligible to apply for a Marin LEO pilot grant. Projects must align with the Selection Criteria as described below. 


Non-profit organizations, Community Based Organizations and individuals may apply.  If an individual is not affiliated with a non-profit organization as an applicant, they must demonstrate an entity, partnership, collaborative or coalition they are working with to implement the project and submit a W9. 


Grant Amount:

Up to 5 stipends will be awarded with a total award of up to $10,000 each. 


Selection Process:

To shift from a traditional philanthropic process of internal selection to an inclusive community driven process, Impact Launch will facilitate a Selection Committee inclusive of an MCF representative and

3-4 community based Marin LEO alumni representatives.

Selection Criteria:  

I. Alignment with Priority Issue Area: Priority will be given to projects that focus on producing equitable and sustainable results in one or more of the following issue areas:

  • Tenant Protections

  • Housing & Homelessness

  • Guaranteed Income and/or Economic Equity

  • Education, including Early Education and Care

  • Climate Action

  • Community and Civic Engagement and Power Building

  • Racial Equity and Diversity


Other top areas may be considered with a demonstration of their priority need for the community.

II. Alignment with Priority Shifts:  Projects must demonstrate how they will contribute to one or more of the following shifts - 


  • FROM separate efforts for equity TO synergistic partnership for equity:  Shifting from disparate community efforts to reach similar equity focused goals to synergistic collaboration across sectors and efforts to advance common equity focused goals more quickly and strategically

  • FROM majority white leaders TO Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other leaders of color: From formal decision-making and elected positions held by majority older white leaders to formal decision-making and elected positions also held by Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other leaders of color

  • FROM talking about equity TO taking action on equity: From equity reflected in individual, organization and government ideals and discussions to equity reflected in individual, organization and government actions, decisions and policies

  • FROM systems that perpetuate inequities TO systems that deliver equitable services: From systems that by design perpetuate inequitable resources, services and opportunities based on race, class, gender, socioeconomic status, ability or geography to systems that are reimagined and re-designed to serve everyone. 


III. Project Design: It is suggested that applicants use the LEO program Conscious Full-Spectrum Response worksheet to demonstrate their project design, including the specific measurable outcomes they wish to contribute to in addition to the activities they will complete.  These question are reflected in the application.

Selected Applicants:

Stipend awardees will be required to submit a brief project report in the form of a video or other creative format at the end of the stipend period and participate in two group Technical Assistance coaching sessions on project design with the Impact Launch team within the stipend period. 

Who selects the awarded projects?

A team of past awardees, youth leaders and alumni will work with our team to review and carefully select the awarded projects.  It is never an easy process!

What if Our Application is Not Selected for Funding?

We are committed to all alumni having the support they need to practice Radical Transformational Leadership for results in their projects!  All applicants will be invited to join the TA/Coaching sessions for free support for your project's design and implementation.  Please also connect through one of our upcoming alumni programs, or reach out to us directly to explore what support you need.

Check out some of the 2022 Awardee projects!

Questions?  Contact us at
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