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Creating Paradigm Shifts in Social Change

We invite you to a discussion with Dr. Monica Sharma and Impact Launch Founder Megan Joseph on "Who do I need to BE, how do I need to think and what do I need to do, to create paradigm shifts?"

"As change agents, we are committed to the wellbeing of people and a thriving planet. Three innate, life-enhancing elements within each one nurture us on our path and sustain the results we produce: first, our universal heart of compassion; second, an empathetic burning for equity or fairness; and third, our discerning eye – seeing both invisible and visible patterns for social transformation with light and pristine clarity. By ‘universal’ we mean ‘including everyone, with no one left out anywhere’.

Based on our innate capacities as human beings, we will talk about essential and inter-related ways of ‘Being-through- action’ necessary to generate produce transformational results. As contemporary pioneers grounded in universal values, we manifest our greatness through compassionate and courageous action. Can I, and will I, apply this learning to shift the current paradigms of unbridled growth and materialism that results in inequity and exclusion?

In this rapidly changing world, we can generate a paradigm shift through whole systems change if we choose to do so, building on the inner power of human wisdom and personal transformation and our capacity to shift unworkable norms and systems that give rise to today’s problems. We will explore how we can design to make a difference, using the Conscious Full Spectrum Response template in order to solve problems, shift systems and based on universal values"


Fallacy: If I embark on a journey of personal transformation, I will automatically generate social and planetary transformation.

New Learning: Personal transformation is a necessary but not sufficient condition for social or planetary transformation. When I simultaneously ache to see tangible results and act to manifest my greatness and learn how to design for equitable and sustainable change, I will generate social and planetary transformation

Hear the entire interview here:



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