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There’s a better way to create meaningful social change.

And it doesn’t have to include bureaucracy and burnout. Radical Transformational Leadership for Social Impact (RTL Impact) provides a road map for anyone looking to solve social problems, shift systems, and tap into your greatest potential.

Attendance at all sessions are required

2024 Cohort Dates:

Session 1
Jan 18-19, 2024
Session 2
Feb 22-23, 2024
Session 3
March 21-22, 2024
Session 4
April 25-26, 2024
Session 5
May 23-24, 2024
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Have you ever thought to yourself...

I love my work, but I’m feeling burned out.


How can we bring more equity to our work?

There is so much red tape. It takes forever to get anything done.

I can’t seem to get buy-in on an idea or program. I keep hitting roadblocks at every turn.

We’re all working hard, but I’m not sure if we’re seeing the right results.

We’re working in silos. Our efforts feel scattered and lack the unity to create real change.

Radical Transformational Leadership for Social Impact

(RTL Impact) is a 5-month online, professional development program for change-makers at all levels. During our live monthly sessions, you’ll work on an individual project of your choice, connect with other social impact professionals, unlock your inner wisdom and discover practical proven tools to shift systems and create lasting change in your organization and community. Between sessions, you'll have weekly calls with a group of peers to help enhance and deepen learning from each other.

Ready to do things differently?

Then, you’re ready for RTL Impact.


RTL Impact is for anyone who is passionate
about creating positive change, regardless of experience or title.

Community organizers, administrative professionals, executive directors, philanthropists, local government teams, media, policymakers, volunteers and social impact practitioners have all thrived using our curriculum. 


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“RTL Impact gave me practical tools to perform my community work more effectively, sharpen my capacity to design programs for bigger impact, and allow me to see myself as part of a constellation of stars working for equity, opportunity and creativity.”

-Consuelo Alba, Watsonville Film Festival


RTL Impact will help you find your unique voice, clarify your purpose, and unleash your potential. 

A Framework that has been globally tested by United Nations leader, Dr. Monica Sharma. Dr. Sharma has more than 22 years experience testing these concepts with individuals and organizations across a spectrum of settings, cultures, and countries.

Values-based leadership to guide your decisions and find common ground with the people you work with.

Practical tools focused on creating more equity that will lead to lasting change.

How to measure what matters through project design tools that help ensure equity is a part of the results you see.

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Shared language that will help you find ways to talk about the kinds of systemic shifts you want to make while creating more equitable cultures inside and outside your organization.

Project-based learning in the sessions and between sessions with peers will bring to life the theory and research behind RTL.

Actionable information that will transform your leadership approach, including facilitating meetings, fundraising, strategic planning and more.

Steps to scale your social transformation so we can act locally, and have an impact globally.


Flexible Pricing for Every Changemaker

Give yourself the time, space and opportunity to focus

on the craft and capacity of social change with

like-minded individuals ready to change  the world.


Student: $595

Individual (unaffiliated) & Non-Profit: $1195

Local Government, Small Business & Philanthropy: $1895

State & Federal Government: $2495

Looking for more payment options?

Ask us about our group rates (up to $100 off per registrant) or individual payment plans.

Limited partial and full scholarships will be available.  Please inquire.


Each month you’ll engage in learning sessions that cover values-based leadership principles, communication skills, partnership building, project design, and practical tools to help shift systems with a focus on equity and results.  You will also participate in weekly calls between sessions with a group of peers to help enhance the learning.

January 18-19, 2024
9-3pm PST

Session 1: Being Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • Who are we as leaders for social impact? 

  • Grounding ourselves in our personal values and leading from universal values — even in the most polarized or challenging situations.

  • Listening and speaking to inspire others to act.

  • Addressing complaints and difficult conversations differently.

February 22-23, 2024
9-3pm PST

Session 2: Designing Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • How do we address the immediate problem and shift the systems and norms that give rise to that problem? 

  • Designing social impact projects to reflect universal values in both process and results.

  • Naming and acting on the shifts necessary to generate sustainable change

  • Systems and principles to consider while designing my project for impact and meaningful change.

March 21-22, 2024
9-3pm PST

Session 3: Implementing Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • Operational strategies to ensure our projects are producing results.

  • Activating our own and others' commitment-in-action and integrity to generate results.

  • Ensuring our actions are explicitly tied to our results, and reflect equity, dignity and compassion.

  • Distinguishing our impact, outcomes, outputs, inputs, and transformational shifts to plan and operationalize our projects.

May 23-24, 2024
9-3pm PST

Session 5: Sustaining Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • Responding to difficult situations from our courageous heart rather than with an emotional reaction.

  • Addressing overwhelm and overload.

  • Aligning our projects for synergy rather than scatter.

  • Developing synergistic partnerships for result

April 25-26, 2024
9-3pm PST

Session 4: Leading Change

We’ll explore this and more:

  • Responding to difficult situations from our courageous heart rather than with an emotional reaction.

  • Addressing overwhelm and overload.

  • Aligning our projects for synergy rather than scatter.

  • Developing synergistic partnerships for results

You’ll also get...

  • A certificate of completion to demonstrate your training in transformational leadership

  • Access to a national network of 1,500+ alumni

  • Invitations to free quarterly alumni meetings

  • Ongoing professional development and training opportunities


Gain first-hand knowledge from team members who have worked locally and globally to advance social justice.

RTL Founder & Facilitator

Monica Sharma.jpg

Dr. Monica Sharma

Former Director of Leadership & Capacity Development for the United Nations

Founder and facilitator of Radical Transformational Leadership programs globally

Support Team

Megan Joseph.jpg

Impact Launch Founder, 

Senior Practitioner of RTL 


Impact Launch Founder, 

Senior Practitioner of RTL

Robyn McKeen cropped.jpg

Impact Launch Founder, 

Senior Practitioner of RTL 

Headshot MM.jpg

RTL Impact Program Consultant


Break through barriers with RTL Impact, 

thoughtfully crafted for over two decades for and by social change leaders.

RTL Impact will help you take your impact to the next level. The best part? You can experience equitable results as an individual or alongside your team. The more individuals from your organizations, the better. So, if you’re tired of hitting roadblocks and are ready to step into your power and potential as a leader, apply today. 

If you still have questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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