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A Transformational

Leadership Intensive

Radical Transformational Leadership for Social Impact - an intensive program for leaders of all levels to build their capacity for implementing equitable and sustainable change. 

Radical Transformational Leadership 

for Social Impact

based on the Radical Transformational Leadership framework
by Dr. Monica Sharma

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Session 1
September 20-22, 2021
Session 2
October 26-28, 2021
Session 3
December 7-9, 2021

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Radical Transformational Leadership is a framework by Dr. Monica Sharma, former Director of Leadership for Capacity Development for the United Nations.  The programs, Leadership for Equity and Opportunity and Leadership for Community Transformation are the same program and are based on Dr. Sharma's framework and is advised and often delivered by Dr. Sharma Monica. The framework describes how we can source our inner capacities and wisdom to manifest change that embodies universal values of dignity, compassion and fairness, and simultaneously transform unworkable systems and norms in order to solve problems. Everyone has the potential to be a leader–a person who creates a new future–through actions in society, at home, and at work. This leadership framework lays out a pathway for unleashing our human potential to create a new future through strategic action. 


The framework deconstructs fallacies that societies continue to promote related to self and the world around us, that leads to complacency and non-action. Radical Transformational Leadership will not be useful for those who are satisfied with communities or the world as it is today - this framework is for people who have questions about how to impact equitable change. It encourages us to question the status quo, ask relevant questions and generate insights that will generate prosperity, and establish equity and dignity.



  • Apply cutting edge leadership principles that have been tested globally to local efforts in order to create positive systemic and equitable change

  • Get practical with principles and tools that help us shift systems and norms for equitable sustainable change

  • Build new ways of partnering to effect greater impact and scalable solutions

  • Learn how to design projects to simultaneously solve problems,  shift systems & norms and activate shared values

  • Transform how  we do everyday activities – meetings, fundraising, planning and more – to move an equity agenda forward

  • Learn communication practices for creating new narratives about important issues you are working to address

  • Apply cutting edge personal leadership development to unleash the powerful systems change leader in all of us while supporting others to do the same



Individuals and organizations working toward creating equity and economic opportunity in the Bay Area through education, employment and basic needs such as asset building, housing or safety net services.  The course is appropriate for all levels of leadership and experience. Executives and Heads of State have benefited as much as students or community advocates – and we need all levels to work together to create change.  Participants thrive when they are willing to start with a beginners mind, are committed to equity and social justice and value systems thinking. 


Participants will bring to the program a project, ideally in the context of something they are already working on, that they hope will impact equity and opportunity in the areas of education, employment and basic needs. In addition to the 3 intensive sessions, participants will be paired with two other participants for a weekly call between sessions to further learning and accountability to practice of what is learned. The expectation is that participants will continue after the program to use the knowledge, capacities and project design skills in the community for positive change.


Organizations, institutions, communities, counties and initiatives can host a LEO cohort.  The program is designed for 9 days of engagement spread out over three 3-day sessions, typically across 3-4 months. 

  • Session 1:  Being Change

Who are we as community leaders? What are our shared values? What is it inside of us that motivates us and keeps us committed to our work in the face of challenging times? Who do we need to be to create the change we want to see? How do we listen deeply for shared values and opportunities to leverage change? How do we become systems leaders empowered with the tools we need to create change? How do we begin to look at our work through the three components of sustainable change (solving problems, shifting systems and activating potential)?


  • Session 2: Designing Change

How do we design our projects and align grants and strategic plans to simultaneously solve problems, shift systems and activate our own and our community’s potential for change? How do we see and address the larger systems inherent in the problems we are trying to solve? How do we plan differently to create the impact we want to see? What are the different stages of leadership development and how do they inform our collaborative efforts? How do we talk about the change we want to create and enroll others in creating this change? How do we connect events, programs and other activities to measurable outcomes and impact?


  • Session 3: Leading Change

How do we run meetings differently and more effectively to move the agenda forward? How do we empower others to lead the change they wish to see? How do we fundraise more effectively and sustainably? How do we identify and use leverage points to create scalable systemic change? How do we hold multiple perspectives and transcend divisiveness while adhering to universal values? How do we effectively track and measure the change we are creating through our projects over time? How do we align multiple projects and initiatives toward a unified goal?

  • Weekly Calls

In addition to the 3 sessions, each participant will be assigned to a learning group with 2 other participants.  One 45 minute call per week is expected during the time between sessions to activate and deepen the application of what is learned each session. Comprehensive instructions will be provided in the program to guide these calls. 


Attendance at all 3 sessions is required.

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